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Part Number   


038K15082-34 Ice Brk bolt on Keeper
038K10-1300 Ice Brk Latch
038034K1113014 Inner Mechanism W/Paddle Handle 5/8 Shank
038034K40063/8 Inner Mechanism W/Sq Drive Handle 3/8
038034K40065/16 Inner Mechanism W/Sq. Drive Handle  5/16 Shank.
038034K4002 Inner Mechanism W/Web Handle 3/8" Shank
038P0379K/A Locking T-Handle W/Key
038034P370 Padlock Outside Handle 5/16 Shank
038034P7011B Padlock Outside Handle only 5/8 Shank
038P512 Reefer Door Brass Key Locking Latch
038P5032 Reefer Door Inside Release For 038P512 Lock
038F6971 Rub Rail End Cap (Morgan Body)
038F322-5 Rub Rail End Cap 1/2 Round
038G45100011 Rub Rail Front Cap (Grumman front)
038G45100012 Rub Rail Rear Cap (Grumman Rear)
038F531 Rub Rail Sq. Cap
033002QX11124 Side Door Header, Hinge and Slam Post (per foot)
0337Kit Side Door Kit Alum Body Without Pipe
0338Kit Side Door Kit FRP Body Without Pipe
033003SL Side Door Sill Plate
033Blank Side/Rear Door Blank 49x110.5 white
033N1013859 Side/Rear Door Sealock Corner Tab
033WH1014045 Side/Rear Door Sealock-1.25
033WHP215551075 Side/Rear Door Sealock-3/4
03402553L45N Sliding Door Bulkhead Door Hanger
03402553BBFT Sliding Door Bulkhead Door Track
038P6011054 Spring Loaded Bolt W/Fingerpull
038T11565697 Spring Loaded Bolt W/Fingerpull (Reversed Bolt)
038K566156 Thumb Latch

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