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Ramps and Parts

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Part Number   


032D03231 Latch Mount and Stop Angle
032D04724 Ramp Alum Latch
032D03220 Ramp Carriage
032D04893 Ramp Carriage Stop Plate
032DDR138WC Ramp Complete 12x29.5 No Track
032DDR165C14 Ramp Complete 14x26.75 No Track
032DDR192C16 Ramp Complete 16x26.75 No Track
032D04894 Ramp Handle L/S
032FL0070 Ramp Handle R/L Side (Alum)
032D04895 Ramp Handle R/S
032D02769 Ramp Hex Head Bolt 3/8x4
032D04733 Ramp Hold Down Spring
032D04896 Ramp Hook
032D04723 Ramp Latch Mounting Channel
032D04726 Ramp Torsion Spring
032D04902 Ramp Wheel 3 5/16 inch
032F3-106 Ramp Wheel 3 inch
032D04898 Ramp Wheel Mounting Channel
032D04901 Ramp Wheel Sleeve

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