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Replacement Parts for Morgan Bodies - page 1

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Part Number   


028010007Ag1 028010007Ag1
028007040 Bottom Rail
02800704028 Bottom Rail (28 foot Body)
0280070409Ft Bottom Rail (Sold by the foot)
0281407254 Bottom Rail Penske Frp
0281407254C Bottom Rail Penske Frp Body (Sold by the foot)
028003537102 Connector Post Alum Body (Radius Panel/Bulkhead)
028003538 Connector Post FRP Body (Radius Panel/Bulkhead)
028003507 Connector Post Alum Body (Corner Post/Side Panel)
028003508 Connector Post FRP Body (Corner Post/FRP Panel)
028005510 Corner Cap L/F (Street Side)
028005520 Corner Cap R/F (Curb Side)
028005900 Corner Cap Rear (Small Cap in End of Top Rail)
028005024 Corner Cap Plastic R/F (Mounts inside of Post)
028005014 Corner Cap Plastic L/F (Mounts inside of Post)
028004536Pk Corner Post (vehicle with a Peak) Upper Post
028004545Pk Corner Post Extruded Wide (Lower for Peak Roof)
028004505103 Corner Post Front Mill Finish- 103 1/2 Long
02800450596 Corner Post Front Mill Finish-96 Long
028004506103 Corner Post Front Polished Finish - 103 1/2 Long
02800450696 Corner Post Front Polished Finish-96
028004546Pk Corner Post Lower - (15 Foot with a Peak)
028004536102 Corner Post Penske Body
028004901108 Corner Post Rear Steel 108 inch long
02800490296 Corner Post Stainless Rear Dry Freight
028004501 Corner Post Stainless Steel
02801150Alum Fiberglass Nose Alum Body
02801150-frp Fiberglass Nose FRP Body

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