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OEM Parts for Morgan Bodies - page 4

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Part Number   


028010007Ag1 028010007Ag1
028007040 Bottom Rail
0291403809 Bottom Rail Penske FRP
02914141/42 Connector Front Top (Radius to Bulkhead-Alum Body)
029003001481 Connector FRP Body (Corner Post to FRP Panel)
029006671 Corner Cap R/F (Curb Side) OEM (Mounts inside of Post)
02962660 Corner Cap Plastic R/F with Emblem OEM (Mounts inside of Post)
0290066710 Corner Cap L/F (Street Side) OEM (Mounts inside of Post)
02962661 Corner Cap Plastic L/F with Emblem (Mounts inside of Post)
02962665 Corner Cap L/F Plastic Cap (Mounts outside of Post)
02962664 Corner Cap R/F Plastic Cap (Mounts outside of Post)
029003886 Corner Post (Pdb Body)
02913547 Corner Post (Stainless Steel)
029006533 Corner Post Front Mill Finish - 88" long
02921198645 Corner Post Rear Stainless Steel 108
0291198625 Corner Post Rear Stainless Steel 96
0291075910 Front Endplate (First Crossmember)
0291121211 Header Rear Lower 96" Stainless Steel
0291121732 Header Rear Upper 96" Stainless Steel
02900671 Hinge Butt Side and Rear Swing out Door
02908730 Hinge Pin Side and Rear Swing out Door
029004161 Hinge Rear Swing out Door
029004141 Hinge Side Swing out Door
029003951 J Track 96"
02961215 Lock Kit Network
02908750 Lock Rod Right Hand
02908755 Lock Rod Left Hand
029087761 Flat Lock Lockrod Flat Catch Latch
02914342021 Flat Lock Side Door Post H/S S/H
029001481 Roof Rear Closure Trim
0291427 Side Door Hinge Side Post Alum Body
0290028405 Side Door Post Hinge Side
0290028205 Side Door Post Lock Side
029003911 Flat Lock Seal Retainer
029076360 Flat Lock Rubber Door Seal (Sold by the foot)
029076931 Flat Lock Catch Nylon Wear Strip
029087122 Flat Lockrod Flat Lug Complete
02907780 Swing Door Seal
02900321 Threshold Plate (2000 Alum Body)
029113911 Door Seal Retainer
029LH3S00 Side Door Complete Assembly

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