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Replacement Parts for Rockport Bodies

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Part Number   


00200552 AM Haire - Corner Cap R/F (Curb Side)
00200551 AM Haire - Corner Cap L/F (Street Side)
057R6620 Bottom Rail
057RP767500 Compartment Gas Spring
05701474353 Compartment Shelf Bracket
057005510 Corner Cap L/F
057005520 Cap R/F
057005521S Corner Cap L/F Small
057005520S Corner Cap R/F Small
05700450 Corner Post
057022767 Interior Alum Trim
057022794 Interior Fuel Fill Cover
05700150 Radius
057R6617 Top Rail
057RP6617 Top Rail (Workport)
057R6617C Top Rail (Sold by the foot)

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